Jerks at Work

Last lecture I talked about jerks at work. It just so happens that Bob Sutton is the author of a book, The No Asshole Rule, that talks about jerks and the cost to organisations of hiring jerks. Things have gone wild in response to Guy Kawasaki’s blog on this very topic. In this post he talks about ways to find out if someone is a jerk before you start working with them. Certainly something to consider seriously.
A number of organisations are building in ways to avoid hiring jerks. A company called SuccessFactors has a document called Rules of Engagement that employees have to sign. One them is ‘I will be nice…’ and another ‘I will be a good person to work with – I will not be an asshole.’ I like the rules – if I had to sign these, it would give me confidence about the type of people working in the organisation.

To find out if you’re in danger of becoming an ….. take this test.

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