We briefly discussed the use of Wikis as a way to share knowledge in an organisation. To see what a wiki is go to The Social Media wiki . A wiki enables people to share, modify, and add information to a website. It is similar to a blog in that it is easily updated and typically has lots of links to resources. It looks different though and can take some getting used to. Some wikis require you to register before you can add or change information.

You can offer your skills for a project to promote information on using Web 2.0 tools and examples of their use in non-profit organisations at Welcome to Best Practices in Using Web 2.0 in Nonprofits. This wiki has a different format.

Another wiki which you may find to be useful is The New PR Wiki . The home page has some dated information, but there’s a section on New which is current and has fairly recent entries. This wiki is password protected and you’ll need approval from the ‘owners’, if you wanted to become one of the authors.

One advantage of some wikis, like those at pbwiki, is that they offer you the ability to convert documents created in the wiki into pdf format.

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