Telling Stories

All around me are posts, snippets, gossip on telling stories about yourself, about a company, about a new product. The art of the story is back in vogue, or rather we realising how useful a story is to convey information. It used to be that stories were the focus for histories of people, relationships between people, and a way of educating. Now we see stories being used in many organisational and educational settings.

I was on the Yahoo site when a title caught my eye An Interview Strategy: telling stories. All about preparing short stories about yourself, about your skills including how you overcame crises, stressful situations, failures, as well as how you contributed to a team, saved money etc. This reminded of Penelope Trunk’s post Be Memorable by telling good stories about yourself from her aptly named blog ‘Brazen Careerist’.

Telling stories is an art. Some people seem to have this wonderful ability to spin a good yarn and others, like myself, really need to work on it. I wonder if those people that tell a good story also tell jokes really well. I know that sales people tend to have the gift of the gab, but does that mean they tell an engaging story. Some sales people though, manage to create a huge number of stories – about them!

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