The theme of our course could be charaterised as ‘conversations’ – that conversations are essential for relationships, to make meaning, to create, innovate and share information whether communicating internally or externally. This weeks lecture was about ways to engage customers, business partners, the media, among others, in conversation; about having something to talk about that meant something to people, and that made them want to find out more.

The ways to do this have been laid out in a very straightforward fashion by Lois Kelly in her book called “Beyond Buzz” (see chapter 1 at Foghound blog). If you already subscribe to her blog you would find lots of information about what’s happening in the marketing industry at the moment. Through the blog today I found out about a short video which highlights the tension between what companies want to tell us and what we want to hear. Have a look at it at Bring the love back blog. It seems the old ways of marketing are now really being challenged.

According to Lois Kelly, stories, points of views, metaphors are some of the things we could help companies develop steering them away from the corporate speak and marketese we’re so tired of hearing.

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